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Lakes to Visit in Ooty

Ooty Lake, Ooty 
Ooty Lake is an artificial lake, formed by John Sullivan, the founder of Ooty, in 1824. This lake stretches for about 2.75 km, from the central bus stand, in an irregular ‘L’ shape.The entire lake is surrounded by eucalyptus trees that add to its beauty. 
Pykara Lake
It is a placid lake located between the lush green valleys of Ooty. Surrounded by dense forests. Additionally, Pykara is known for its boat house, which is near the Pykara falls and Dam. 
Kamraj Sagar Lake
It is an artificial reservoir formed close to the dam. The scenic beauty has been captured in many movies and as it is enclosed with rolling green hills and unspoiled nature, it is a peaceful. It is a well known fishing spot and you can savor a variety of fish delights here.
Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake is located in the upper plateau region of the Nilgiri Hills, hardly 25 km from Ooty. This lake is part of the Silent Valley. Visitors can enjoy sunrise and sunset from this place. There are various birds, duck and other aquatic animals found in this lake. Moreover, at the tea plantation in the suburbs, tourists can taste wide variety of fresh and flavored tea.
Upper Bhawani 
Upper Bhavani Lake is situated at a distance of 10 km from Korakundah and over 20 km from Avalanche. There is a huge dam on this lake. Lake surrounded by the sholas and wattle plantations. This place is the perfect location for hiking, trekking and walking holidays.
Mukerti Lake
Another attraction within the sanctuary is the panoramic Mukerti Lake, which is home to innumerable birds, butterflies and marine life. Other activities such as boating and swimming can be enjoyed in the lake.
Bellikkal Lake
Bellikkal Lake is a wonderful destination to spend some relaxing time with family. Located near Ooty, this is a must see destination for tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and honeymooners alike. Bellikkal Lake has some magnificent views to offer to the visitors. Bellikkal Lake is a preferred watering hole for a large variety of wild animals. As such, one can spot wild animals like elephants, tigers, bear, bison and deer here. It is preferable to visit the place during summers.
Marlimun Lake
With crystal clear waters and the backdrop of the pristine Nilgiri Hills, Marlimun Lake is a panoramic spot in Ooty. With a variety of different boats to enjoy a boat ride, It is surrounded amidst virgin forest reserves so the only sounds that are heard are bird calls and the silence of the valley.