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Hill Stations in KeralaHill Sation Visit in Kerala

Breathe taking Hill stations:
Part of the Sahyadri ranges (Western Ghats) of mountains, at a height of 1,890 m above sea level. Second highest peak in Kerala. Teeming with wildlife, the forests of abound in rare medicinal herbs and plants, and brilliantly hued orchids. A bird watcher’s paradise. Trekking here is believed to be healthy, the very air here is supposed to have healing properties. Women are not allowed up the peak and permission is required to trek. The season from December to April is advocated for trekking, for which a forest pass has to be obtained from wildlife office in Thiruvananthapuram.
Amrithamedu – Idukki 
Amrithamedu, popularly known as Kurisumala is a pilgrim centre as well as a trekker's delight. During Easter, pilgrims climb the 'Stations of the Cross', which would require a pilgrim to cover 14 points, with each point having a cross denoting various phases of Jesus Christ's last journey. As one proceeds further up, the surrounding landscape soon becomes more and more breathtaking. At the ninth cross, one would step on to a plateau and the mist that engulfs you at this place is quite an experience. This is Amrithamedu, the highest point in Kuttikkanam region in Idukki district.
Charalkunnu - a hill station in Pathanamthitta
Charalkunnu is a picturesque hill station near Ranni in Pathanamthitta offers a panoramic view of the nearby valleys. 
Chembra peak in Wayanad
Chembra is the tallest peak in wayanand, 2,100 meters above sea level on the southern part of Wayanad. Ideal area for trekking. There is a lake in heart shaped on the way to the top of the peak. It is believed to have never dried up, is a major tourist attraction here. 
Devikulam hills in Munnar
This idyllic hill station situated about 8 km from Munnar. Velvet Lawns, exotic flora and fauna with cool mountain air makes this place more romantic and special. The Sita Devi Lake, here, with its mineral waters and picturesque surroundings is a good picnic spot. The lake is also ideal for trout fishing.
Dhoni in Palakkad
Dhoni hills is popular for is small and beautiful waterfall. It takes a three hours trek from the base of the Dhoni hills to reach this reserve forest area.
Entrance fee: Rs. 20 per head
Echo Point in Munnar
This place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. Echo Point, situated on the way to Top Station from Munnar is a stopover for tourists visiting Top Station - the highest point in Munnar and the rare Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) blooms here.
Edakkal caves
What kind of people were our ancestors? What kind of lives did they lead? Often, the paths leads to the answers to these questions are as fascinating as they answers themselves. One good place to visit would be the Edakkal caves. Considered to be the earliest centers of human habitation. Inside the cave you will find ancient stone scripts, pictorial wall inscriptions of human and animal figures with peculiar headdresses, the swastik form, symbols and cave drawings of human figures, wheels, bows, knives, and trees, so on. Considered to be 7000 years old, are found only in Stiriya in the European Alps and a few rocky places in Africa. 
Gavi Eco-Tourism a project of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation has caught the attention of tourists, mostly from European countries. Listed among the leading eco-tourism center and one of the must-see places in India.
A highlight of the Gavi eco project 
Visitors activities 
wildlife watching, 
outdoor camping in specially built tents,  
Night safaris.
tea plantations, 
The place is rich in flora and fauna. There are hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations. Endangered species including the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque are often sighted at the outskirts of Gavi. With more than 260 species of birds including the great pied hornbill, woodpecker, and kingfishers, Gavi is a heaven for birdwatchers.
Some of the breathtaking viewpoints at Gavi like the Valley View offer spectacular view of a deep ravine and the forest below. 
Grampi (Eagle Rock)
Grampi, situated near Peerumedu, is known as Parunthupara (eagle rock) because of the panoramic view from its high peaks. Rocky plains, lush hillsides, forests, trekking trails and picturesque views lend charm to this destination. 
Hills of Munnar and the Neelakurinji
Situated 1600 mts above sea level, It is home to the majestic Nilgiri Tahr.  Munnar is well known for its vast expanse of tea plantations, cool weather, plantation bungalows and is blessed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The biological phenomenon of the mass blooming of the Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) flower that takes place once in twelve years has once again arrived in the famed hill resort of Munnar. Neela means blue in Malayalam language and Kurinji the local name of the flower. It will be a life time rare sight of the Kurinji flowers covering the slopes and ravines of Munnar in a blanket of blue.
Ilaveezhapoonchira means ‘valley where leaves don’t fall’ and is named so because the place has no trees. It spread over thousands of acres, Skirting Kottayam district with its beautiful valleys.  During the monsoons when the valley fills up to form a scenic lake, this place unveils yet another beautiful slice of nature. This is also one of the best places in Kerala to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset. 
Jatayupara at Chadayamangalam. The huge rock at Chadayamangalam takes its name from the mythical bird Jatayu in the epic Ramayana, who is believed to have collapsed on the rock after failing in his attempts to thwart Ravana's kidnapping of Sita. This picnic spot is situated on MC Road.
Kannadipara in Kottayam
As the name suggests is the valley of rocky mountain that reflects the morning sun with a mirror like perfection. Located in Kottayam district, this is also the highest point in Ilaveezhapoonchira hill station in Kottayam. An added attraction here is the Kazhukankulimali Waterfalls that playfully cascade down the mountain and greet the river below with a magnificent splash. 
Kottathavalam, Wagamon
Kottathavalam, an ideal picnic spot near Wagaman, is situated near Murugan hills at Kurisumala in Kottayam. A flight of steps cut in the rocks takes one to this magnificent cave, Kottathavalam. Legends say that the royal family from Madurai rested here on their way to Poonjar. The rocks within the cave, carved like chairs and couches and the figures of Madurai Meenakshi, Ayyappa, Murugan, Kannaki and weapons sculpted on them, are all worth exploring.
Kundala - a picturesque town in Munnar
Kundala is a picturesque town on the way to Top Station in Munnar. A sprawling Kundala Tea Plantations and the Kundala Lake are the main attractions here. The Kundala Artificial Dam is another attraction and is also known as Sethuparvathipuram Dam. Aruvikkad Waterfall is also near Kundala. A golf course which belongs to Tata Tea Ltd is located here. 
Kuttikanam - an adventure tourism spot Kuttikanam near Peermedu in Idukki is a place for adventure tourism and trekking, or even a languorous, tranquil break. This picturesque plantation town washed in the fragrance of cardamom is surrounded by lush, green hills.
Madayipara in Kannur
Madayipara hill, located at Pazhayangadi in Kannur District, which would soon get its due share of attention as a center of tourist attraction. Madayipara is a significant spot owing to its bio-diversity as well as history. In the past, Madayipara was the administrative center of the Ezhimala kings. In and around Madayipara, one can find remnants from the past. At the southern side of the hill, stand the remains of a fort called Pazhi Kotta (kotta means fort in Malayalam). 
Mattupetty in Munnar
Cradled by the undulating plantation hills of Munnar, and not far away from the Anamudi peak is Mattupetty. Situated in the famous hill town of Munnar, Mattupetty located 13 km from Munnar is situated at a height of 1700 m, and is a delight for nature lovers.
Mattupetty offers many fascinating sights to relish. Besides the lush green tea plantations, and the rolling grasslands, the Shola forests in and around Mattupetty are ideal for trekking and are habitat to a variety of birds. Rivulets and cascades crisscross the terrain here, which again adds more attraction to the place.
One of the main attractions in Mattupetty is the beautiful lake, and the Mattupetty Dam, which are ideal picnic spots. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Idukki provides boating facilities in the Mattupetty Dam. 
Munnar is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. 1,600 m above sea level. Sprawling tea plantations, picture-book towns, winding lanes and holiday facilities make this a popular resort town.  This was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. This exotic flora flower which bathes the hills in blue once in every twelve years, will bloom next in 2018.