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About Us

Xella Tours was founded in 2014 by Mr.Raymond of Puducherry. Our goal is to provide quality inbound tourism to the Indian sub-continent with emphasis on leisure travel, adventure tourism, mystic tours, sports tours, agro tourism and cultural, historical and monumental tours.
With over a decade in the business, we are one of the leading providers of custom luxury travel services in the sub-continent including luxury private travel, group travel and corporate tours.
As a family owned and managed enterprise, Xella Tours' approach is personalized and our effort is to create the most satisfying itineraries which link traveller interests with the best destinations and the finest hospitality the region has to offer.
We operate through an extensive professional network with the best hotel chains and groups, commercial airlines, private charter operators, local service providers, tour guides, naturalists, and others.
We also have close personal relationships with important government officials, business leaders, politicians, celebrities, royalty, artists and others, through which are able to provide you access to the most exclusive destinations, programmes and services.
Our Tour Pacakages especially in South India is the most competitive and attractive one where all our customers have repetitive trips for being most satisfied with our service.
Over the years, we have hosted eminent persons from around the world including state dignitaries, business leaders, musicians, movie stars, royalty and sportspersons.
We wish you all the best and happy touring.